Wham-O Pets on Fox Orlando

Wham-O Pets featured on FOX Good Day Orlando!

The Pet Lady, Dana Humphrey, makes an appearance on Fox35 Good Day Orlando to chat with Amy Kaufeldt about the hottest gadgets for your pet.

Dana’s new toy favorites are the all-new Wham-O Pets line! Dana describes the Wham-O Pets Frisbee as “Not another plastic Frisbee,” and that’s for sure. Designed with Photoreceptive colors, Bone-Tec grip and K9-Flex material it’s THE Frisbee to get for your dog! In fact, only Wham-O branded discs can even be called a Frisbee, everything else is just some lame “flying disc.”

To answer the question Amy fielded to Dana in the video, yes, your dog can see Dyn-O-Glo Frisbees, but really, the glow-in-the dark luminescence is more for people to see since dogs have much better night vision than we do anyway. Amy was right when she said “So it’s fun for you!”

Still, we like to believe that dogs see a Dyn-O-Glo Frisbee at night and think, “Hey, it’s glowing! Cool!”

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