Go Play Outside!

That’s the official motto of Wham-O,
the company originally founded in 1948.

High school friends Richard Knerr and Arthur Merlin began a small business hand making wooden slingshots in their garage and that quickly grew into the renowned toy company that’s fondly embedded in collective memory today. Their fledgling company’s name was derived from the sound their sling-shots made when launched.

Classic Ad Sportsman Slingshot
Whether it’s been Sportsman Slingshots, Hula-Hoops, SuperBalls, or Frisbee Discs, a continual aspect of Wham-O’s products has been that they are wildly interactive and demand the type of user participation ideal for outdoor spaces.

Classic Hula-Hoop Ad

Classic SuperBall Ad

Classic Frisbee Ad

In an age or personal digital screens the consumer out attention, our companionship with dogs reminds us that play is bigger and better when it’s in open spaces under the sun or star-filled skies.

Of course, not all of Wham-O Pets toys require an expanse of grass to be beneficial to you and your dog. We’ve developed a complementary assortment of toss and tug toys for both large and small dogs that can be enjoyed inside the home as well.

By launching the Wham-O Pets collection of Frisbees and toys our goal is to provide plenty of good times for you and you pets!

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